Scams of Cryptocurrencies

It needs to be understood that there are people and teams of people looking for every way possible to separate you from your crypto.

Top Cryptocurrency Scams

Messaging Platforms – Telegram/Discord unsolicited messages on this particular platform create a perfect storm to lure unsuspecting victims into scams.

  • Avoid any direct messages and click any links within the message.
  • Crypto giveaways are primarily scams

Phishing Website – Websites can be cloned to look as if you are logging into a known website.

  • Always verify URLs and check SSL certificates when dealing with cryptocurrencies.
  • Make sure you never input any usernames, emails, or passwords on unknown websites.

Rug Pulls – Primarily on DeFi programs and decentralized applications often offering tokens that “will” rise in price and has a micro-market cap. You give your money for tokens then the developers dump their tokens leaving the project with nothing.

  • Do your due diligence when choosing new projects to invest in.
  • Ensure you have access to the founder’s and team members’ names and previous projects.

Ransomware attacks – Becoming a larger problem in the crypto space being used by adversaries to encrypt your computer’s files and request a payment in cryptocurrencies to unlock files.

  • Avoid using non-common websites and download files from insecure locations.
  • Primarily occurs during downloading of files and opening them on your computer.

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